The Philips OTT2000 is a retro vinyl spinner with a modern twist

This micro turntable may look like it's wandered in from the 60s, but its tech is bang up to date

The 60s called, granddad. They want their record player back.
Pish and tosh. The Philips OTT2000 might look like a vintage turntable, but it's thoroughly modern, with Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP streaming, FM radio, audio line-in, a CD player and USB Direct connectivity.

Sounds a bit OTT.
Very funny. That's not all; you can rip your CDs and vinyl to USB, too, for authentically retro pops and hisses on your digital tunes.

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The Philips OTT2000 is a retro vinyl spinner with a modern twist -  2The Philips OTT2000 is a retro vinyl spinner with a modern twist -  3

Does it have similarly vintage build quality?
The OTT2000 is rather nice in the flesh, actually; patterned after the old Philips AG4131 record player, it updates the look with some nicely understated modern additions. There's a brushed-metal finish and LCD display on the front, the knobs have a nice action, and there's even a little spring-loaded cover on the USB port so that it doesn't disrupt the lines of the design. And that baby-blue casing looks rather lovely.

All very well, but what does it sound like?
We'd love to tell you, but since the OTT2000 was on a stand with sales reps blasting Audioslave on the hi-fi setup next to it, we don't feel qualified to comment. With two speakers including a 3in woofer and 4W of power, it should be plenty for your living room.

Assuming you get all your decor from a vintage shop.
Yes; if you're living the retro lifestyle, this will sit nicely alongside your Olympus OM-D E-M10 and Stanforth Kibo. The OTT2000 won't replace your hi-fi system, but if you're looking to spin your discs in a second room – and stream your Spotify tracks too – this could be the micro system for you.

Philips OTT2000

Where can I get one?
You'll have to be patient; it goes on sale in the UK in July, priced £150. In the meantime, you can see and hear it in action at Gadget Show Live, running this week; while you're there, why not pay Stuff a visit and pick up your free copy of the magazine?

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