Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadgets and presents for a petrolhead

Solid Silver Steering Wheel Cufflinks (£240)

Rather than buy a loved one some generic cufflinks, you could impress the motoring enthusiast with these solid steering wheel cufflinks. The steering wheel is hand enamelled to create the wood effect, while the rest of the intricate design is made from the classy rare metal. A luxury gift box ensures the recipient will be more than pleased with Santa ─ if he can afford them.

Me and My Car

Pocket Classics toy vehicle (From £8,000)

Want a gift for a younger petrolhead? Few come close to a Pocket Classic. Whether you opt for the miniaturised Cobra, California, DB5 or something a little older like the XK120, you can expect a 4-stroke petrol engine that can take you up to more than 46mph, a detailed body and Brembo brakes to slow you down fast. Each car even has a 3-speed automatic and enough space for an adult passenger. The ultimate toy, then, if you can have at least £8,000 to spare.

Pocket Classics

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TomTom GO 6000 (£250)

The TomTom GO 6000 is as good as sat-navs get right now. It has a big, bright 6in display, a refreshed user-interface that makes it a doddle to use and directions that won't send you into the sea. In-built wireless data means you can benefit from European mapping for 45 countries and a lifetime of LIVE services, which means useful speed camera and traffic updates. Good riddance, traffic jams.

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Handpresso Auto in-car espresso maker (€150)

Even the most diehard petrolhead will have days when he feels a bit tired or bored behind the wheel, which is why coffee can be essential. In steps the Handpress Auto, a hand-held coffee maker that will save you a fortune and keep you out of motorway service stations, which is priceless in itself. All you have to do is connect it to a 12v cigarette lighter socket, insert a coffee cartridge, add cold water and wait patiently.