Christmas Gift Guide: 12 gadgets and presents for a petrolhead

Not sure what to get the car enthusiast in your family? We've rounded up 12 gifts to make your life easier

Buying a gift for someone with brake fluid coursing through their veins is dead easy if you happen to like cars yourself.

But what if you see cars as merely a way to go from A to B? We're here to help: meet 12 gifts that'll get a petrolhead higher than a lungful of super unleaded fumes.

Garmin HUD (£130)

No longer is a head-up display reserved for expensive cars only ─ the Garmin HUD hooks up to your smartphone and projects useful information onto your windscreen, including your current speed and travel directions, so you get all the info you need without having to look away from the road. It will even alert you to speed cameras and charge up other gadgets as you drive via a USB connection, while auto-adjustment of brightness ensures it should work on even the brightest or darkest of days. Rest in peace, sat nav.


Retro Classic Luxury Leather Tool Bag (£200)

The most dedicated of petrolheads will undoubtedly take great pleasure from fixing their four-wheeled pride and joy at home, which makes a good toolbox is essential. Sadly, most are plastic contraptions with all the style of a Reliant Robin. But it doesn't have to be that way if you opt for the expensive but oh-so-cool Luxury Leather Tool Bag, which includes retro styling, chunky brass buckles and oodles of space for tools.

Retro Classic

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AlloyGator alloy wheel protection (£60 for set of 5)

Nobody likes to admit they curbed their wheels (yes, we know it was the fault of the previous owner), mainly because it makes us think we are bad drivers but also because alloy wheel repairs are pricey. So rather than spend your Christmas money on repairing the inevitable, a set of AlloyGator alloy wheel protectors could be the answer. They come in 9 different colours, including silver and black for those who want to keep them inconspicuous, and can go up to 21in.


Smeg 500 fridge (€5,500)

Nothing says 'petrolhead' quite like a fridge in the shape of the front end of a Fiat 500. Available in white, green or red (the colours of the Italian flag), this stylish kitchen 1950s style appliance has a capacity of 100 litres, automatic defrost function, three removable bottle holders and a shelf for canned beverages. An A+ energy efficiency rating means it's eco-friendly, too. Pricey, though.


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