Pantone Universe Bag review

5 stars
Leather satchels not colourful enough for you? This official Pantone bag should dazzle you and get knowing nods from design geeks…

While Crumpler is the go-to name for messenger bags with a dash of geek chic, Pantone has come up with a colourful new range that could well tempt bike couriers and design nerds.

The company, which started as a small manufacturer of colour swatches that designers use as references, has quickly noticed the marketing potential of its seemingly infinite tints. Wallets, notebooks and cup sets have followed, and now it’s come up with this new range of bags.    

Bold statement

The range of colours is characteristically bold: there’s pink, black, blue, green and mustard yellow to choose from, and each has a Pantone number printed in bold black lettering on a panel on the front.

Curiously, though, the printed number isn’t actually the official Pantone code for the colour – our ‘monster jade iguana’ (or ‘green’) version has ’18-5633 TPX’ printed in bold letters on the front, though the actual colour palette code is ‘3278C’. Strange.

Tough canvas

Still, even if you’re not au fait with this coded language, you’ll be the owner of an impressively bold satchel to flaunt around town. The bags are constructed from cotton duck (also known as ‘canvas’), and the inner is painted in a bright, complementary colour.

There aren’t a huge number of pockets, but there are enough to neatly keep small stuff (for example, USB drives) separated from big stuff.

Flanking three pen slots in the main compartment are two small pockets, while towards the back there’s a zipped section, leaving the owner with no excuse for leaving Mi5 documents on the bus.

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Pantone Universe Bag

If you want a blindingly colourful and tough bag to impress your design geek friends, this is it

Pantone Universe Bag review
5 stars
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