Panasonic DMP-BD85 review

5 stars
The BD85 takes Panasonic back to the top tier of the Blu-ray wedding cake

If you thought the cheaper BD65 was a little light on the feature front, you can consider the DMP-BD85 to be Panasonic’s full-fat budget Blu-ray player.

There’s a whole raft of features and technologies that the company has reserved for this deck. Extra functionality includes DLNA compatibility and a set of multichannel analogue outputs – useful if your home cinema amplifier is missing HDMI inputs.

Wireless ready

Wi-Fi's also included, but isn’t integrated into the machine. Instead, Panasonic includes its own, slightly clumsy and frankly ugly-looking wireless adaptor. Other extras include an additional USB input on the front of the machine and a coaxial digital output.

Panasonic's also made a point of equipping the BD85 with advanced picture and sound processing that you won’t find in its cheaper sibling.

Spin a couple of Blu-ray movies and it’s immediately clear that the BD85 is a cut above the cheaper Panasonic. It produces a super-sharp image with depth and realism.

Kickin' it standard def

It’s a similar story with DVD. The BD85 does a fine job of presenting characters, costumes and backgrounds with very precision.

While the DMP-BD85 is one of Panasonic's more expensive budget players, it’s undoubtedly worth the extra.


Panasonic DMP-BD85

It may be on the premium side of budget, but the BD85 is well worth the extra cash

Panasonic DMP-BD85 review
5 stars
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