Ozaki iCoat slap-on watch straps for iPod Nano

Remember those neon slap-on wrist straps back in the eighties? The Ozaki iCoat Watch+ IC878 is a retro-futuristic version

Ozaki has used history to better our future with the Ozaki iCoat Watch+ IC878. In a time when male make-up, neon clothes and Rick Astley were acceptable life choices, the slap-on wrist strap was a futuristic dream. The only thing better was a music playing watch. And maybe a hoverboard.

Ozaki have created slap-on straps that hold your iPod Nano, allowing you to have that futuristic watch you dreamed of as a younger you, only now it’s a bit cooler and more retro. The stap works with the iPod Nano 6 Gen, comes in six colours (to match the Nanos) and is available now for £25. Come on then, Ozaki, bring on the hoverboard.


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