Onkyo reviews

Onkyo CR-N755

5 stars
Micro hi-fi might seem a bit old-school, but the performance from Onkyo's smart CR-N755 combines traditional sonic clout with modern streaming know-how

Onkyo CS-515DAB

5 stars
Onkyo’s affordable one-box hi-fi may lack Hollywood features like Bluetooth or a hard-drive – but can it maintain its reputation as the best-sounding micro?

Onkyo DS-A1

5 stars
It’s time to unleash your iPod’s tunes on a poor, unsuspecting public. You’ll be needing a hi-fi connection dock, then…

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Onkyo CR-505 DAB

4 stars
The Onkyo CR-505 DAB has 99 radio presets, a DAB/FM tuner, CD/MP3 playback and timer recording, not to mention sonic punches well above its weight
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