PS4 arrives at the Sky Now TV party, Xbox One owners still queueing up outside

Sky's internet streaming service lands on Sony's superconsole

Sky's Now TV streaming service will be available for PlayStation 4 owners from today.

Now TV serves up a variety of packages for users to sink their eyes into. The Sky Movies Month Pass provides access to over 800 movies for £9 a month following a 30 day free trial.

Sports fans can also get in on the action with the £10 a month Sky Sports Day Pass, which serves up live action from all Sky Sports channels.

Now TV has already been available on a variety of platforms (including the PlayStation 3) since last year, but Xbox One owners are still being left out in the cold.

Sky tells us that Now TV "will be available to all Xbox One owners in the coming weeks", with further announcements being made nearer the time. So not too long for those in the Microsoft camp to wait then. Hopefully.

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