Nokia reviews

Nokia C5

4 stars
Simple, stylish and affordable, is the C5 the ultimate mid-range Series 60 smartphone?

Nokia E72

5 stars
The ultra slimline Nokia E71 broke BlackBerry’s monopoly on mobile email. Can its successor continue its good work?

Nokia N97 mini

4 stars
Nokia has lasered the N97 (and its internal storage) with its shrinking gun. But does the N97 mini have more charm than its battleship-sized brother?

Nokia N900

3 stars
Nokia's latest mini computer runs a new version of the Maemo OS, takes 5MP snaps and even makes Skype phone calls. Is it the most geek-tastic phone yet?

Nokia E55

4 stars
The E55 takes the E52’s conventional smartphone chassis and adds a half-QWERTY keyboard. But is it too daring for the business phone traditionalist?

Nokia E52

4 stars
It may be the straight-laced member of the Eseries posse, but the E52 isn’t just focused on business. It’s got new multimedia skills for life outside the office...
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