11 Nokia phones that changed the world (and 9 crazy ones that entertained us along the way)

Nokia 7280 (2004)

Ah, Nokia - this is what we'll really miss about you. The 7280, one of Nokia's Fashion Phone line-up, was as gorgeous as it was gloriously impractical. Why select numbers and letters with buttons when a scrollwheel can make the process so much more difficult and long-winded?

It was a tiny device, hence its being nicknamed the 'lipstick phone'.  And, acknowledging that only a friendless hermit (or perhaps someone with a slave they could get to do the data entry) could possibly use it as their primary phone, the SIM was uncharacteristically easy to access - you just popped it out of your daytime phone and slapped it in the side of the 7280 for the night's activities. It even had a mirrored screen for checking one's mascara, and a VGA camera for taking candids at The Ambassador's Reception.

An occasional dress phone, then. For the BAFTAs and whatnot. Brilliantly bonkers.

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