Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PS4: in depth

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – social

Sony wants to focus on social gaming – so much so it's added a Share button to the DualShock 4 controller. When you want to start a game you'll be met with comments from other players and downloadable content before you boot it up. You can sync your account to Facebook and players can now use their real names. Then there's the ability to spectate and comment on games, like an annoying backseat driver. But more usefully, the Share button can be held to take a quick screenshot of your latest and greatest frag.

The Xbox One is a social creature too – integrating social into TV so you can search by what's trending or popular with your friends. Want join mates and chat about what they're watching? Bring Skype up in the side bar and chat as you go along together. And with Kinect watching your reactions it's suggested that TV producers can tailor shows depending on your viewing experience. Can you say "filter bubble"?

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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – special skills

The Xbox One's Instant Switching feature cleverly lets you jump between gaming and TV instantly, using voice or gesture controls – with games remaining in standby mode, ready to be picked up where you left off. No more phasing your console and fiddling with the remote. The PS4 offers a genius feature that'll let you start playing games as they download – with later levels continuing to download as you play. Brilliant for those with flaky internet connections.

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