Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PS4: in depth

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – media streaming

The Xbox One is aiming to be the centre of your living room, where it can control your digital existence using voice and gestures alone. Sony hasn't revealed how it plans to take over your living room but we'd expect it has something up its sleeve. The question is: can Sony's PlayStation Eye match the second generation of the Kinect, or will it be left playing catch-up? 

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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – cameras

Both the Xbox One with its Kinect and the PS4 with its Eye will be watching you game. The second-gen Kinect has a truly astonishing array of skills – it can track how much force you're exerting, log you in using facial recognition, monitor your mood and even read your heart rate. However, the fact that it'll remain constantly on might creep some users out – and the fact that Microsoft's exploring patents to monitor your TV viewing could be cause for concern.

Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PS4

Can Sony's second attempt at the Eye match up? So far we've been promised facial recognition to log in, two 1280x800 resolution cameras, four mics for potential voice controls and an 85-degree field of view. The Eye will also play nice with PlayStation Move controllers, if you've still got them knocking around.

In terms of tech specs, it looks like the Kinect wins out – but it's just a matter of waiting to see which one actually works best. Or to see which one lets you game and watch TV without being watched by advertisers.

The fact that the Kinect comes bundles with every Xbox One console will encourage developers to create compatible titles for it, while the PS4 camera, which is sold separately at US$59, could be relatively neglected. Considering what the new Kinect could theoretically do for future gameplay, that's worth considering.

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