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04 April 2011 / 17:59BST

Nikon Coolpix P300 review

Is Nikon’s new premium compact worthy of a place in your pocket?
25 January 2011 / 14:02GMT

Nikon Coolpix P7000 review

Nikon takes on the Canon G12 with a new super-compact. But is it super enough?
28 October 2010 / 6:00BST

Nikon D3100 review

An entry-level DSLR with high-end HD video skills?
07 September 2009 / 6:00BST

Nikon D3000 review

Nikon’s latest entry-level DSLR is aimed at noobs and novices. Is it a good first buy or a useless simpleton?
24 July 2009 / 6:00BST

Nikon D5000 review

Is Nikon’s new movie-capable DSLR a match for Canon’s 500D?
16 April 2009 / 6:00BST

Nikon Coolpix S630 review

Nikon’s latest 12MP compact brings a curvy design, anti-blur shooting and 7x optical zoom. Is it a match for Sony...
02 December 2008 / 6:00GMT

Nikon D90 review

The successor to Nikon’s celebrated D80 has arrived. Can the D90 maintain the class-leading standards?
21 November 2008 / 6:00GMT

Nikon D700 review

Nikon is looking to continue its fine DSLR form with this full-frame stunner But how does measure up next to...
17 November 2008 / 6:00GMT

Nikon Coolpix P6000 review

Full RAW capability and excellent image quality mean the P6000 is a pocket powerhouse. Can it take down the best...