Nike's auto-lacing trainers take one step closer to reality with new patent

The sportswear giant could be releasing Apple-compatible smart trainers

We've got one year to go before the hoverboard deadline runs out, but at least Nike's got the self-lacing trainers sorted.

A patent published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on 27 March outlines how Nike has considered plans for self-lacing trainers which will be compatible with Apple's Nike plus iThings, including iPhones and iPods.

The proposed system makes use of a motorised lace setup with a motor on the bak of the trainer used to to increase or decrease tension on the laces.

The degree of tension can be controlled by an accompanying iOS app, meaning you'll never have to tie another shoelace again.

The patent also describes how a smart bracelet like the Nike FuelBand could also be used to adjust the fit of the trainer at the push of a button.

Pre-set tensions can be stored in the app's memory, saving the hassle of finding the perfect fit every time you want to go our for a run.

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The patent also naturally includes a Nike+ iPod sensor built into the shoe itself, continuing the existing features of checking pace, distance run and calories burned.

Difference lace layouts are also proposed, with one design featuring the lace system in the sole of the show, with the other having it on the side.

Whether or not this patent will ever see the light of day remains to be seen, but you can bet we'll be camping out for an entire week outside Nike Town in London if Nike releases a pair of MAG trainers with self-lacing iOS technology. We'll see you there.

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