Next Big Thing – DeLorean EV

This electric Delorean is the perfect accompaniment to your Marty McFly Nike Air Mags

You won't see me in an EV this side of 2015.

Well, we'll have a two year headstart with our electric DMC-12 then. Once we've scraped together the necessary £64,000, we'll be joyriding our DeLorean EV from 2013, thanks to the DeLorean Motor Company of Texas and electric-car start-up Epic EV.

I hope the Flux Capacitor's intact.

Sadly not, but you will be able to reach speeds of 125mph in this baby, on its 260 horsepower electric motor. With this new model – four years in the making – you get iconic 80s styling on the outside and modern touches like built-in GPS and an iPod dock inside.

But what happens when I hit 88mph?

You get a speeding ticket. Next!

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