The Stuff Gadget Podcast episode 4: the gang goes Amazon Echo Dotty

The team debates the week's hottest gadgets and delivers the most concise Amazon Echo Dot review you'll find anywhere on the web

Black Friday already feels like a million years ago, but in truth it might take that long for your bank account to recover from the discounted tech splurge.

Take comfort, dear gadgeteer, in the company of three Stuff staffers who know exactly how you feel but aren't going to let that dampen their enthusiasm for the next barrage of exciting devices.

On the podcast this week we're debating the relative merits of Virgin's new 4K box, a giant Kindle you can draw on, a game that's eemingly about a Japanese boy band, a little widget that turns your car into KITT, and Netflix finally boarding the download train. Which one will top the Hot 5? Let's have an argument to find out.

On top of that you're getting the most concise Amazon Echo Dot review you will find anywhere on the web, and Tom Morgan gives you the lowdown on the Samsung Gear S3, which we've just received for testing.

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