Siemens induction cooktop lets you plonk pans where you please

This clever cooker uses full-surface induction and touchscreen controls to free your pans from the tyranny of hobs

Siemens has taken induction-cooking tops to another level, creating a cooker that can heat up any part of its surface.

Unlike current induction cooktops that glow red in four or five discrete places, Siemens’ new ceramic full-surface induction cooktop has 48 conductors. Pop your pot down and it'll work out where it is, and heat directly beneath it. A touchscreen display shows you which bits of the surface are in use, and lets you change the temperature. You can even move your pans around and it'll track their new position, adjusting the heat to suit.

But it doesn't just look cool (or hot) – this technology is more efficient than current hobs, since it doesn't waste any energy heating bits of the surface that aren't occupied by cookware.

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