PowerPot charges your kit while you cook

If you want to snap photos of zombies when the apocalypse happens you’re going to need this fire powered charger

When zombie hordes are swarming the cities and survival demands you retreat to nature – or more realistically you’ve got camping planned – you’ll need power. Meet the PowerPot.

The PowerPot is a thermoelectric power generator that lets you cook over a fire while simultaneously charging your device. That means power for smartphones, tablets, LED lights, GPS units, or anything that charges via the fire-proof USB cable.

Thermoelectricity is driven by the variation in temperatures between the bottom side of the PowerPot (flame side) and the inside (filled with water, ice or snow). It's so sensitive you could place the pot, filled with snow or ice, in a geothermal hot spring and the temperature variation will produce power. The anodised aluminium material it’s made from is light, strong and conductive – ideal for chucking on your backpack.

There are currently two versions: the 1.4L PowerPot V, which produces 5W of electricity, and the 1.9L PowerPot X, which generates 10W. The larger of the two is needed for tablets, while the V is fine for mobiles. A third model, the 3.8L PowerPot XV is in development and should produce 15W of juice.

The first two will be available in June with the XV coming in July. Since it’s a Kickstarter project you have the option to pay US$125 (£77) for one PowerPot V, US$99 (£60) to donate one to a developing nation, or US$199 (£123) to do both.


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