25 best TV and movie cars ever

2000 TVR Tuscan Speed Six (Swordfish, 2001)

The British-made motor that’s notorious for its throaty roar. After the film’s release TVR received around 50 emails a day from Americans asking how they could buy the car.

1976 AMC Pacer (Wayne’s World, 1992)

If ever there was a car to headbang to Queen in, this is it. The Mirthmobile had a red liquorice dispenser and a beer. Party hard.

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1980 Corgi 342 Ford Capri (The Professionals, 1977-1983)

Despite being a decidedly British show, the decline of the English car manufacturing industry at the time was clear from the abundance of Ford vehicles in The Professionals. The best of these? Ford's Capri MK II 3.0s.

1961 Jaguar Mk II (Withnail & I, 1987)

A cantankerous old cacophony of rust and squeals. But good old Jag sure knew how to build them, as this battered beast managed to carry Withnail & I into the countryside on the newly built, and refreshingly empty M40.

1969 Mini Cooper S (Italian Job, 1969)

Featured in red, white and blue versions, the Minis had the speed and handling for one of the most famous heists on film and easily the best getaway chase ever shot in Turin. The scene where Rozzer’s rear differential gets fixed is a gag; Mini's were front wheel drive and didn’t have a rear differential.

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