25 best sports movies ever

Ping Pong (2002)

Two close friends, Peco and Smile, go through a journey of self discovery via the medium of table tennis. Cue over the top action, inner monologues and manga-esque wiff waff action. Funny, exciting and crazy. All the things that Balls of Fury failed to be.

Rocky (1977)

Apollo Creed is in town and wants an easy win in a show-fight against a small time boxer. Problem is the oh-so-lonely Rocky Balboa didn’t get the memo. Camp but iconic training montages ensue in the first of five Sly Stallone films you’ve just got to watch back-to-back.

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Raging Bull (1981)

Scorsese’s intense, black and white masterpiece, based on the book by Jake LaMotta, tells the story of this self-destructive boxing champion. We wouldn’t want to face him in or out of the ring – this guy flips over the dinner table when he’s not happy with the steak.

Munich (2006)

Five men must track down and kill the people responsible for the assassination of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Based on a true story, this emotional and at times hopeless journey makes you forget you’re watching a Spielberg film.

Horse Feathers (1932)

Like the sound of a Marx brother riding a horse-drawn “chariot” to win an American Football game between two rival colleges? This slapstick classic is dumb, silly and quick-witted in equal measure and includes famous skits like the Password scene.

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