25 best pirate movies ever

Against All Flags (1952)

In one of the few pirate movies to feature a female captain, Errol Flynn stars opposite Maureen O'Hara in this tale of the Royal Navy versus the pirates of Madagascar. Sent by the Navy to bust open the pirate HQ from the inside, and featuring love squares as well as triangles.

The Goonies (1985)

A bunch of misfit kids search for the infamous One Eyed Willie’s treasure, hidden behind a perilous path of deadly boobie traps and a frightening encounter with the Fratelli mob. The real villains of the story? The evil land developers. How can you not love a movie that brought us the Truffle Shuffle?

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Johnny Depp’s now iconic Jack Sparrow captured our imaginations as a scallywag sea captain with comical charm and a drunken Keith Richards swagger. He even managed to upstage the Black Pearl’s CGI undead pirates. A rare box office pirate smash.

The Island (1980)

Based on a novel of the same name, a journalist (Michael Caine) and his son are captured by a bunch of inbred buccaneers who’ve inhabited The Island for 300 years. Interbreeding has taken its toll, so they see Caine’s son as a way of changing their depleting gene pool. And in the end? Well, we’ll just save that little corker for you.

Captain Blood (1935)

Slavery, mutiny, uprising – Captain Blood has it all. Dr Blood finds himself falsely convicted of treason and sold into slavery in Jamaica. So far, so un-piratey. Things heat up when Blood and his pals revolt and take over a Spanish ship that's attacking the city, to become the most feared pirates on the seas. It all goes pear-shaped when Blood goes back to rescue a girl. Typical.

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