25 best Australian movies ever

Thursday is Australia Day, so to pay tribute to our Antipodean chums we've picked out the best films from Down Under

Crocodile Dundee (1986)

Paul “Hoges” Hogan is right up there with flavour-free beer and middle-class teen soap operas for Australia’s top exports. Crocodile Dundee was his big-screen hit, a rom-com about a stuck-up New York journalist (Linda Kozlowski) who – slightly predictably – falls in love with Hogan’s rough-living bushman, Mick Dundee, while on assignment in the Australian outback. She takes him back to the States with more-than-slightly-predicable results.

A dated dose of nostalgic charm for children of the ‘80s that spawned the immortal “that’s not a knife” line.

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