25 best alien movies ever

The Thing (1982)

Remaking 50s B-movie The Thing From Another World, but replacing the plant-creature with animatronic beasties seemingly drawn from the imagination of a serial killer, The Thing is one creepy movie. But it's the psychological tension that tells, as much as its gruesome visuals – the alien's skill for mimicry means that any one of the luckless Antarctic research station crew could be the monster.

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Great List, however, I agree Aliens should have made it in there!

hmmmmmm  where is Aliens (Alien 2) 

Should have taken top spot. 

Common knowledge......

Stuff, you need to redeem yaselves here!

Got to agree with Buzzy, No list is complete without an Alien film in there!

Alien, Aliens? Which numskull makes up these lists?

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