25 best alien movies ever

Quatermass and the Pit (1967)

Nigel Kneale's chilling TV classic made the transition to the big screen courtesy of horror studio Hammer – and true to form, there are plenty of supernatural elements to this sci-fi tale. When Martian relics are uncovered during an archaeological dig, it soon becomes apparent that the aliens are responsible for the human race's latent psychic memories of the devil – and the human impulse towards aggression. Although the film's special effects haven't held up over time, it's an interesting piece of ideas-based science fiction.

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Great List, however, I agree Aliens should have made it in there!

hmmmmmm  where is Aliens (Alien 2) 

Should have taken top spot. 

Common knowledge......

Stuff, you need to redeem yaselves here!

Got to agree with Buzzy, No list is complete without an Alien film in there!

Alien, Aliens? Which numskull makes up these lists?

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