25 best alien movies ever

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

The story of this adorable extra-terrestrial is guaranteed to tug even the meanest, grouchiest of heart strings – ET’s stranded on Earth and all he wants to do is get home. Spielberg gives us one of the most iconic scenes in movie history – ET in the basket of a bike, flying over a full moon and the John Williams score is flawless.

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Great List, however, I agree Aliens should have made it in there!

hmmmmmm  where is Aliens (Alien 2) 

Should have taken top spot. 

Common knowledge......

Stuff, you need to redeem yaselves here!

Got to agree with Buzzy, No list is complete without an Alien film in there!

Alien, Aliens? Which numskull makes up these lists?

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