Native Union Monocle is the Victorian phone earpiece you never knew you needed

All the bulk of a set of on-ear headphones, with none of the convenience of stereo sound or a means of holding it in place. Hipsters will love it
Native Union Monocle

Native Union Monocle

Actual monocles may have gone out of fashion long ago, but Native Union, purveyor of the retro-tastic POP phone and the Video Memo Pad wants to bring them back – in name, at least.

The company has unveiled the Monocle – a portable speakerphone that looks suspiciously like half a set of headphones with an inline mic.

The unlikely device won't suit all tastes, but Native Union insists it can be pressed to the ear and used quietly as a headset or cranked up loud and used as a speakerphone or for playing music.

Up to 11 Monocles can be connected up for more volume or for listening privately to a conference call. It also comes with a handy loop for hanging off things. "What's that on your bag?", "Oh, that? It's just my Monocle."

Unlike Patrick Moore's eyewear of choice, this Monocle is available in a range of six colours including Coral Red and Black Copper and can be yours for £40.