25 of the best alternative Christmas movies

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

It’s not easy turning a film about attempted suicide into a Yuletide family favourite – but Frank Capra and his leading man James Stewart did exactly that with It’s A Wonderful Life. So when you realise you’ve left all your presents behind at the last minute on Christmas Eve, don’t panic too much or else you might be plagued – we mean, helped – by a well-meaning angel called Clarence.

American Psycho (2000)

Who else would you want to see coming down the chimney but Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman? OK, American Psycho doesn’t exactly have a big helping of festive goodwill but throw in some mistletoe, reindeer antlers and a pot bellied pig and everyone’s favourite serial killer turns on the Christmas charm like a pro. Although he is still the kind of guy whose idea of a good present is getting his girlfriend fake boobs. Have a holly, jolly Christmas.

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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

"Merry Christmas, 007." George Lazenby was no Sean Connery but he still managed to wed Emma Peel and spend his Christmas Eve surrounded by beautiful women on a snow-dusted mountaintop. Not too shabby when compared to our Christmas, spent slumped on a sofa surrounded by Quality Street wrappers.

Bad Santa (1994)

He's not fat, he's not round, and he definitely isn't jolly. Billy Bob Thornton's booze-drinking, womanising Santa Claus is hilarious, in a dark comedy sort of way.

A strange friend in the form of a socially inept boy called Thurman Merman makes the off-the-rails Santa see the error of his ways after years of drug abuse and robberies. Heartwarming and filthy at the same time and therefore probably the ultimate alternative Christmas movie.

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