Dell Adamo XPS gets official pictures

Dell has teased us a little more with a couple more pictures of the super skinny Dell Adamo XPS.The machine first cropped up on a teaser website on 9/

The machine first cropped up on a teaser website on 9/9/09 to push its impressive 9.99mm shell, and then was briefly outed in the flesh at a Dell event last week.

However, we can now see how the unique hinge design will work, leaving the keyboard resting on an angle. How that will work when resting on your lap, though, remains to be seen.

To keep the skinniness the designers have crammed all the computing hardware under the screen rather than the keyboard, which has forced the rather interesting hinge design.

What do you think the Adamo XPS? Let us know below and be sure to check out our full review and hands on video of its predecessor, the Adamo.

Via: Crunchgear