Best iPhone apps this week

Once you've torn yourself away from Stuff's incredible iPad edition, here's some iPhone apps for the rest of the day

Sketch Nation Studio £Free

This app-creating app gives you the developer kick within minutes and lets you draw characters, create platforms and play own your weird and wonderful games. Sketch Nation Studio will choose the best ones and send them to the App Store meaning this app could even end up earning you a slice of the download cash pile.

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Lego Super Hero Movie Maker £Free

So you've got a carefully lined up selection of Lego characters and superheroes on your desk – why not make a stop motion film with them? This free app lets you soundtrack your footage, add official Lego title cards and colour filters. See you in five hours.


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Screenfeeder £Free

Sometimes our feeds just get too much for our tiny brains so Screenfeeder is here to underwhelm you with one post per screen from web giants like Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram. Another handy feature is subscribing to hashtags or keywords on Twitter so you can track events in real time, one tweet at a time.

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South Park – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Edition £1.99

Test your South Park knowledge with this game show app and phone friends including Death or ask the South Park character-filled audience as you make your way through 500 trivia questions. Just don't crash and burn on the Gerbil King round. Derp.

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Sky Cloud WiFi £Free

Anyone with Sky Broadband can now find and use The Cloud hotspots really easily with this free app. You don't need to log-in every time, instead Sky Cloud WiFi will automatically connect you to available networks and, as an added bonus, up to six devices can be registered to one account. Result.

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