25 best Apple gadgets

Apple Mouse (1983)

The Apple Mouse neatly sums up Apple’s approach to tech. It wasn’t the first mouse to hit the market, but Apple’s exhaustive R&D process created a breathtakingly simple device that redefined the way we interact with computers. It was stripped-back and simple – almost to a fault, as Apple users spent the next two decades begging Cupertino for a second button.

Apple Lisa (1983)

Officially standing for ‘Local Integrated Software Architechture’, Lisa was also the name of Steve Jobs’s daughter. It was the first commercial computer to rock a graphical user interface and brought us out of the command line-driven Stone Age.

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Apple iMac (1998)

The iconic iMac stuck its fingers up at competing beige-boxed rivals by arriving in a cavalcade of brightly coloured plastic shells and the included colour-coordinated ‘hockey puck’ mouse was loved and loathed in equal measures.

Apple App Store (2008)

The the first of two non-gadgets on our list (in company with Mac OS X Lion), the App Store brought software development to the masses, introduced the concept of sub-£1 mini games and brilliant single-purpose programs and meant you could upgrade your smartphone on the bus. Or play Paper Toss. Your choice.

Apple iPod Shuffle (2005)

Apple’s miniscule first-gen Shuffle was so small Apple had to put a ‘do not eat’ disclaimer on their website. Ditching the screen and focusing on simplicity, it provided a handy solution for adrenaline junkies and gym buffs alike. The original plugged directly into your computer’s USB port.

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