25 best Apple gadgets

iPhone 4S not revolutionary enough for you? These Apple gadgets have a rightful place at the top table of tech

Apple Mouse (1983)

The Apple Mouse neatly sums up Apple’s approach to tech. It wasn’t the first mouse to hit the market, but Apple’s exhaustive R&D process created a breathtakingly simple device that redefined the way we interact with computers. It was stripped-back and simple – almost to a fault, as Apple users spent the next two decades begging Cupertino for a second button.

Apple Lisa (1983)

Officially standing for ‘Local Integrated Software Architechture’, Lisa was also the name of Steve Jobs’s daughter. It was the first commercial computer to rock a graphical user interface and brought us out of the command line-driven Stone Age.

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Apple iMac (1998)

The iconic iMac stuck its fingers up at competing beige-boxed rivals by arriving in a cavalcade of brightly coloured plastic shells and the included colour-coordinated ‘hockey puck’ mouse was loved and loathed in equal measures.

Apple App Store (2008)

The the first of two non-gadgets on our list (in company with Mac OS X Lion), the App Store brought software development to the masses, introduced the concept of sub-£1 mini games and brilliant single-purpose programs and meant you could upgrade your smartphone on the bus. Or play Paper Toss. Your choice.

Apple iPod Shuffle (2005)

Apple’s miniscule first-gen Shuffle was so small Apple had to put a ‘do not eat’ disclaimer on their website. Ditching the screen and focusing on simplicity, it provided a handy solution for adrenaline junkies and gym buffs alike. The original plugged directly into your computer’s USB port.

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