25 best Apple gadgets

Apple iPhone 3G (2008)

It may not have been Apple’s first iPhone, but the 2008 update was the first to fully realise the potential of the new flagship iThing. Freed from the shackles of 2G data downloads, the iPhone 3G made mobile browsing a pleasure and opened the doors for a little idea called the App Store.

Apple Macintosh (1984)

Apple’s Macintosh hit the personal computing scene of 1984 like a hammer smacking into a great big metaphorical face (if you haven’t seen the Orwellian advertising, it’s worth looking it up on YouTube). It was the foundation stone of Apple’s future: compact form, innovative 3.5in floppy storage media and – most importantly – its graphical user interface. The Mac defined how we interact with modern computers.

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Apple MacBook Air (2008)

If you wanted a laptop you could post, the Air was it. Steve Jobs pulled the first bulimic MacBook from a Manila envelope in 2008, a featherweight, wafer-thin object of desire stripped of its optical drive and most of the ports. It was ahead of its time, but by the time the MBA picked up Intel’s Core i-series processors in 2011, it proved that Apple had the right idea from the off. Except for the postage bit. That was just odd.

Nike+iPod Sports Kit (2006)

Using an accelerometer-packing shoe sensor and iPhone or iPod adapter, the Nike+iPod Sports Kit let you measure your running distance, speed and pace. It kick started a litany of app+accessory add-ons that continues apace, though the usefulness of Nike's nuggetty pedometer was nixed by the introduction of an accelerometer in the iPhone.

Apple MacBook Pro (2008)

The 2008 iteration of the MacBook Pro established the unibody housing wrapped around its slick island keyboard. Its touchpad incorporated the multi-touch gesture control pioneered on the MacBook Air. It had the grunt to act as a workhorse for creative professionals and the looks to make regular ‘promotional consideration’ appearances on the most expensively-produced TV shows. No wonder everyone still wants one.

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