25 best Apple gadgets

Apple iMac G4 (2002)

Nicknamed the iLamp, the G4 won over many a gadgeteer’s heart with its stylish all-in-one minimalistic design and adjustable screen. Boasting an 800MHz processor with up to 80GB of storage space, it proved to have brains as well as beauty.

Apple Newton MessagePad 100 (1993)

Apple’s then CEO John Sculley first coined the phrase PDA with reference to the Newton. The touchscreen and stylus combination served up a novel way to interact with technology but the flaky handwriting recognition and ahead-of-its-time concept ultimately lead to its demise.

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Apple iPod Nano 5G (2009)

The Nano’s transition from a skinny PMP to a pocketable camera capable of shooting YouTube-friendly clips with live effects meant we got all cheap video thrills and began twisting the knife into dedicated budget handheld camcorders. The only caveat? It wasn’t designed to be held like a video camera, and your videos inevitably featured cameos from blobby fingers.

Apple TV (2007)

Intent on changing the face of TV by delivering digital video to the living room, Apple TV provided an affordable way to stream your PC content and buy or rent movies on your telly. But the ‘iPod for TV’ wasn't for everyone. It had a slick Apple UI and earned its streaming stripes, but asked users to lean heavily on the iTunes ecosystem, especially when – in 2010 – Apple dropped the hard drive.

Apple iPhone 4 (2010)

The best-looking iPhone to date, the iPhone 4 was shinier, faster and slicker than previous incarnations. It wore its industrial design (including scratch-resistant glass, hi-res Retina Display, two cameras and antennae) literally on its sleeve. Ultimately that proved its Achilles heel, prompting the lazily-labelled Antennagate ‘scandal’. Did it affect sales? Doubtful. Read the iPhone 4S review here

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