25 best movie gadgets

Top tech that has yet to escape the confines of the silver screen – hurry up, inventors, we want our Hoverboard

Make-up gun (The Fifth Element, 1997)

Make-up gun (The Fifth Element, 1997)

Luc Besson's future world is packed with handy gadgets, from the microwave that conjures up a full roast chicken from a pill to the multipass ("muuuuuultipass"). But none is more convenient or time-saving than the (Chanel-branded!) make-up gun, which zaps Milla Jovovich's Leeloo with full warpaint in half a second flat.

For fashion-forward gadgeteers, the film also features a device that applies fingernail polish in an instant – which you can actually buy in the real world, in the form of the Tat'z Nail'z fingernail printer.