The 30 best things to watch on Netflix right now

Orange Is the New Black

Netflix’s second-best original series after House of Cards, this is a prison show that goes its own way: less brutal than Oz, less daft than Prison Break and more compelling than Prisoner Cell Block H, it’s a fish-out-of-water drama (based on a true story) in which a white, middle-class Brooklynite ends up in a low-security women’s jail for a crime committed almost a decade previous.

A character-driven show that uses Lost-style flashbacks to explore the pre-prison lives of the cast, Orange Is the New Black has proved such a hit that a second season is due to arrive in June.
– Sam Kieldsen

Indie Game: The Movie

If game development doesn’t strike you as a compelling subject for a feature-length documentary, allow Indie Game: The Movie to prove otherwise. The film concerns itself with the troubles and tribulations besetting the makers of two quirky, low-budget titles – Fez and Super Meat Boy – as well as spending time with proven indie success Jonathan Blow, whose Braid had already grabbed and armful of awards and made Blow a rich man.

The business aspects of indie game development themselves make this a worthy tale to tell, but it’s the personal moments, driven by Fez’s neurotic creator Phil Fish and the likeable, struggling Super Meat Boy developers Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen. A true underdog story.
– Sam Kieldsen

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The movie that cemented Joel and Ethan Coen’s reputations as two of the world’s finest filmmakers (it won a brace of Oscars), Fargo is a crime-thriller concerning a botched kidnapping and its ramifications. But it’s not so much the plot as the characters, the dialogue and the classic Coen-esque pitch-black comedy that make this film so enjoyable.

A rich, character actor-filled movie that playfully lampoons the Minnesota in which the Coens grew up, Fargo proved a welcome relief from the scores of sub-par Tarantino rip-offs doing the rounds in the wake of Pulp Fiction.
– Sam Kieldsen


A James Bond-esque secret agent with the womanising, drinking and love of casual violence turned right up to 11, Archer is one of the greatest anti-heroes we’ve seen in an animated show. He's in good company at private spy agency ISIS, staffed as it is with a collection of selfish, bungling agents and perverts.  

Perfect for Netflix binge-watching, thanks to its 20-minute episodes, it's generously packed with snappy one-liners and Arrested Development-esque in-jokes. It’s just as good as it sounds. The fifth season has just dropped on Netflix, taking the characters in an unexpected new direction...
– Sam Kieldsen

Breaking Bad

What, did you think we'd forgotten? Breaking Bad has been praised to the heavens by critics and those members of the public who clap their hands over their ears and shriek "spoilers!" when you start talking about it. Of course we were going to put it in this list.

Bryan Cranston's Walter White is one of the great characters of modern fiction; a mild-mannered chemistry teacher whose cancer diagnosis prompts him to turn his skills to creating crystal meth – with the help of his former student Jesse. Series creator Vince Gilligan claims that he pitched the show as being the story of "a man who transforms himself from Mr Chips into Scarface." And where the early episodes play up White's hilariously incompetent attempts to enter the drugs trade, as the series progresses he develops into a genuinely chilling character. 

Watch it. Now. If only so that you don't have to keep clapping your hands over your ears and shrieking "spoilers!" whenever anyone mentiones it.

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Hard candy is not on Netflix.

Can't believe you have Priceless on your list; it's one of my favourite films of all time, yet very few people have heard of it. Yes, it's a bit of a rom-com, but don't let that put you off. It's funny, heartwarming, and stars the delectable Audrey Tautou. What's not to like?

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