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28 June 2009/6:00BST

Acer Aspire One D150 review

The most budget of the budget netbooks gets a good-looking makeover and a 10in. Is it an Eee-beater?
29 May 2009/6:00BST

MSI X-Slim X340 review

Skinny as a low-fat latte but without a premium price, is the MSI X-Slim the MacBook Air for the masses?
26 May 2009/6:00BST

Asus Eee PC 1008HA SeaShell review

With its slimline frame and glossy finish, can the Eee PC Seashell sate the appetite of style-conscious gadgeteers on a...
14 May 2009/6:00BST

MSI Wind Top AE1900 review

The all-in-one Wind is here at last. But does the huge 18in screen justify a huge price?
15 April 2009/6:00BST

Archos 10 review

Archos pitches up at the netbook party: is it fashionably late or just in time to miss the fun?
20 March 2009/5:00GMT

Asus EeePC 1000HE review

The original netbook is back with a faster CPU and a bigger battery. Is it enough to keep it on...
04 March 2009/6:00GMT

Sony P Series review

Sony's low power, high-class pocket PC is an ambitious attempt to redefine portable computing. Just don't call it a netbook,...
10 December 2008/6:00GMT

Toshiba NB100 review

An executive look in just 8.9inches, but are looks more important than use at this size?
09 December 2008/6:00GMT

Samsung NC10 review

Samsung is late to the netbook party. Can it turn the quiet soiree into a raucous all-nighter?
21 November 2008/6:00GMT

LG X110 review

LG’s first netbook looks remarkably like the MSI Wind. Is it a clone, or a class above?