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13 February 2010/6:00GMT

Nokia Booklet 3G review

The earnest Finns have brought elegant industrial design to the netbook. But can an Atom machine ever be worth £649?
05 February 2010/6:00GMT

Asus Eee 1201N review

The 1201N is Asus’ first netbook to sport NVIDIA's ION graphics chip for gaming and HD video. But does it...
10 November 2009/6:00GMT

Toshiba NB200 review

Looking like a plastic Dell Adamo, Toshiba's new netbook is a slim and capable Atom-powered netbook. But does it have...
30 October 2009/5:00GMT

Samsung N510 review

The first ION netbook is here, capable of playing HD video and demanding games. But does the N510’s performance come...
28 October 2009/5:00GMT

Sony review

Sony's first 'proper' netbook has a high-def screen but a price that'll make you squint. Is it worth the extra...
02 October 2009/6:00BST

Virgin Freedom review

Can't decide which internet provider to go with? Perhaps Virgin’s ‘free’ netbook will entice you?
07 September 2009/6:00BST

Acer Aspire One 531 Pro review

Acer’s latest is an austere looking netbook – but is there more to the 531 than meets the eye?
27 August 2009/6:00BST

Asus N10J review

A serious-faced netbook for professional types, but can the NVIDIA-packing N10J overcome Atom’s shortcomings?
17 July 2009/6:00BST

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 review

Dell’s Mini netbook has got bigger, but at the same time slimmed down a bit. How does the new design...
13 July 2009/6:00BST

Acer Aspire One D250 review

Acer has sliced a layer off the bottom of its D150 to make its thinnest netbook yet. But can it...