Improve your geek cred with these 10 Xiaomi MIUI themes

We trawled through the theme store to bring you our top picks for geeks just like (MI) U and I

The highly-customisable MIUI is one of the most important factors for Xiaomi's success.

Got a spanking new Xiaomi phone which wasn’t the easiest to come by? Give yourself a pat on the back and your new phone a fresh look with any of these ten MIUIs for a geek worth his games and comics.

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Got a thing for Superman? This particular MIUI pays tribute to the Man of Steel. We like its cartoon take, instead of choosing to go live action and plastering someone like Henry Cavill all over your phone. Lucky for us. 

Download Superman MIUI theme here 

Pacific Rim

Get Jaegered up in this Pacific Rim theme. Better than the view of Kate Upton rising from the waves is the sight of Gipsy Danger emerging from the depths to save humanity. Now, all you need is a Kaiju to throw your phone at (actually no, we’re just kidding).

Download Pacific Rim MIUI theme here 

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Star Trek

All you Trekkies are in luck. This is not just a Star Trek-themed UI, but also an excellent one that transforms your smartphone into a futuristic smarterphone, or so it seems with all those intricate blueprints in place of simplistic icons. Sweet.

Download Star Trek MIUI theme here 

Iron Man

If you can’t be Iron Man, might as well settle for having an Iron Man-themed phone that Tony Stark would be proud to call his own. Plus, all that red and gold has to be auspicious right?

Download Iron Man MIUI theme here

Iron Patriot

But if your Iron Man tastes are a little more specific, say they sway the way of a certain exoskeleton, then it's your lucky day! Look what we uncovered in the MIUI gallery, an entire theme dedicated to the country-loving Iron Patriot. 

Download Iron Patriot MIUI theme here

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