Weird-rables: 9 of the strangest wearable tech you can put on your body

Ugly smartwatches or fitness bands don't compare to these on the weird-o-meter

Smartwatches are hogging the limelight for wearables but did you know activity trackers and smartphones are not the be-all and end-all of them?

Other wearables exist but have yet to catch on in the mainstream. Here are some of the weirdest wearable tech built for the other parts of your body.

Smart Wig

Put forward as a patent by tech bigwigs Sony, the Smart Wigs don’t just serve up notifications, they’re also supposed to be equipped with ultrasound transducers which serve to detect when an object is about to get into bump territory with your head and warn you.

Practical-o-meter: We don’t want passive notifications, thank you very much. And for the last point, why can’t you just use your eyes instead of your hair?

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