Watch this: Edge of Tomorrow puts Tom Cruise in power armour – and it looks good

Groundhog Day meeting Call of Duty equals something unique in the movie industry.

Earlier this year, we saw Cruise in Oblivion, where technology and sci-fi were meshed together in a pretty-looking (and white!) movie. Now, we see Tom in another sci-fi flick; this time as a soldier.

Time loop of hell

Like Groundhog Day, Cruise's character is stuck in an endless time-loop, where he wakes up and is forced to relive his day over and over again. No love story here ala Jerry Maguire here. Cruise is forced to go through the same battle against aliens (yeah, typical of a sci-fi movie) in the time-loop. The trailer reveals that Cruise isn't the only time-traveler. Emily Blunt (Looper), who experiences the same time loop, trains him to be better prepared for the same battle. Both Cruise and Blunt are joined by Bill Paxton (Apollo 13) in their journey to try and end his endless day of fighting.

Edge of Tomorrow premieres in summer 2014.

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