Tech Blogger Vernon Chan: 10 pieces of must-have futsal gear

4. Bose SIE2i sports headphones

I know listening to music while on the court might be in bad form but sometimes, you need some music to keep you "on the ball". These Bose SIE2i in-ear headphones are specifically engineered for exercise.

They're sweat- and weather-resistant and have the handy StayHear ear tips that'll keep them secure while you're running around the court. Did I mention that they're great for music too? With Bose’s acclaimed TriPort technology, you'll get balanced audio with crisp highs and deep, natural lows.

What? Yellow card? Sorry ref, I can't hear you.

Price: RM552

5. Apple iPod nano

Yes, I know this recommendation might sound cliche, but seriously it is one of the best choices. After all, the iPod nano is the thinnest iPod ever, measuring just 5.4mm thin. It's the perfect companion for your workout or if you want something less bulky while playing on the court. There's a full multi-touch screen, Bluetooth, FM Radio and supports even support Nike+ out of the box. Too bad we prefer the Adidas miCoach though. 

Price: RM529

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6. Adidas nitrocharge 3.0 TRX TF

If you're going to tear up the court, you're going to need a good pair of boots. After all, you don't want to blame your bad game on a bad pair of kicks. That's where the Adidas nitrocharge 3.0 Traxion 2.0 TF come in.

The studs on these babies will keep you planted be it hard-surfaces or even artificial pitches. Need that extra boost in speed and power for shooting? No problem with Adidas' Energysling/ It'll give you the support, flexibility and power in high-speed turns and push-offs. Who knows, you might even play as well as Javi Martinez or Xabi Alonso when you put this pair on.  

Price: RM210

7. KT Tape Pro

Futsal is a pretty intense sport and you're bound to get some injuries. Best thing to do is at least try to minimise your injury and a good way to do that is with athletic tape.

KT Tape Pro is supposedly the world’s only 100 per cent synthetic kinesiology tape that is engineered to work in a variety of environments. I'm not too sure how it'll do in the cold mountains or the hot sahara, but I do know it works on the court.

Slapping on the tape at targeted areas will keeps sore muscles at bay, and your joints and tendons protected. So less injury means more chances you get to go on court. The KT Tape Pro is also pretty tough, lasting up to seven days per application. Just a word of warning, it may be tough and it can help prevent injury, but that doesn't mean you should play like a maniac on court. That's just looking for trouble.

Price: RM70 per box

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