The V8 Wet Rod is an unfortunately-named luxury personal watercraft

We know what you’re thinking but no innuendos, please

Hahahaha, Wet Rod!

Yes, yes, let’s get that out of the way, shall we? Are you done with cracking 14-year-old type jokes in your head yet?

Somewhat. Tell me more about this...Wet Rod.

If you’ve always fancied yourself as more of a distinguished gentleman, the V8 Wet Rod is perfect for you, though that name is still a lot dubious. Crafted out of racecar-worthy carbon fibre and epoxy construction, you get to customise design features like the inlays, finishes, and decide whether to put in a booming sound system and a GPS navigation system should you get lost in the sound of Mozart out at sea.

Also, there’s an ice box under the seat for you to stash your vintage Krug away in. 

Talk to me about its power.

Don’t worry, it’s definitely not lacking in that department. Packing a V8 engine (5.7 L in this case) with 300 HP, the V8 Wet Rod is capable of a top speed of 105kph. So who cares if its name is mildly mockable? You’ll be the one who laughs last as you ride the Wet Rod into the sunset - or will you?

So what do I have to pay for the honour of owning one of these?

Considering that it costs upwards of US$49,000 (RM157,000), we guess you’ll never have to suffer the humiliation of speaking the words, “I’ll be getting on my Wet Rod now”. But if you’re really into it, you still have some time to hit the jackpot as the V8 Wet Rod will only be available later this year.


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