This US$330,000 3D printer lets you create your own multicoloured wellies

You wouldn't download a pair of shoes.... would you?

Stratasys (the company who now owns MakerBot) has unveiled the world's first 3D printer which can create flexible, coloured objects.

The Objet500 Connex3 3D uses a combination of plastic and rubber printing materials which can be blended together to offer varying levels of flexibility and transparency.

Like regular printers, colours are provided by a blend of cyan, magenta and yellow, letting you create items like rave-friendly multi-coloured flexible shoes and cycle helmets.

This US0,000 3D printer lets you create your own multicoloured wellies

The printer itself can churn through 30kg of rubber and plastic resin per run, and it's available to snap up today. If you've got US$330,000 (RM1,100,900) dollars spare that is. Ouch.

Still, the flexible printing materials won't actually be out till later this year, so at least you've got a bit of time to scrape together some change.

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[Stratasys via Engadget]

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