Twitter Dream Team: 11 accounts you should follow for key World Cup action

Rio Ferdinand


Join the former English captain’s 5.51m-strong following. His future in football is still uncertain, but his insights are just as valuable. Better follow him now while you still can, as he tweets his thoughts on the current scene. 



The Brazuca wouldn’t be called the techiest official World Cup football to date if it didn’t have a social media presence. Aside from being bilingual, tweeting in both English and Portuguese, the ball has quite a wicked sense of humour too. How punny. Just don't expect too many selfies.

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Cristiano Ronaldo


26.6M followers can’t be wrong. The captain of the Portugal team’s Twitter feed is a mishmash of football-related news, family pictures and off-pitch product endorsements. Follow if you like all things Ronaldo (and we mean everything), or want a glimpse into his high-flying life.

Joey Barton


The former Newcastle United player has been called the “dirtiest player in the premiership” for several incidents of “bodily harm”, but the hardman on the pitch transforms into a hard-hitting philosopher off it. He’s on ground in Brazil, so we’re likely to see borderline offensive tweets about the World Cup’s ongoings. Can’t wait.

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