Twitter Dream Team: 11 accounts you should follow for key World Cup action

Futbol Pictures


If you’re more of a visual creature, and can’t even tolerate reading 140 characters at a time, this Twitter account’s for you. Low on the text and high on the pixels, get your eyes on some stunning football images for a visual journey when the World Cup rolls around.

Mario Balotelli


The AC Milan and Italian striker writes his own tweets and like he says, “Don't believe anything you read about me unless (sic) is coming from here”. Expect ballsy tweets, every imaginable emoticon, and some pretty ballin’ snapshots courtesy of his Instagram account. If you can’t get enough, he’s on Facebook too.

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Neymar Júnior


The Brazilian boy wonder is incredibly active on Twitter, amassing over 40,000 tweets to date. Be warned though, his tweets are mostly in Portuguese, so you might need the help of Google Translate. He’s also on Instagram too, if you can’t be arsed to translate and prefer visual insights into his life. Be warned, you might experience massive bouts of envy.

101 Great Goals


If you’re the type to fast forward to the main action, this account has all the highlights you crave. Whether it’s off the pitch (football-playing elephants in Thailand) or official football-related videos (Nike’s animated short), these guys cover more than just the big leagues for the true football fan.

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