Twitter thinks you need help with photos, releases ultimate photo guide

Trying to win photo shares from Instagram and other social media services, Twitter tries to make it easy by playing coach

Rather than leaving it to the usual tech sites to tell people how to use Twitter, Twitter is being proactive and releasing its own guide.

What does it have? Well, to be honest the guide tells you a few things you can pretty much figure out on your own if you're already on Instagram, Facebook or any other photosharing app.

But the rub here is that certain features are not as easy to figure out on Twitter's app as it is to figure out on Instagram like the filter and crop features.

Hey look, share your photos

Twitter is losing out in the photo stakes when compared to other services, which is probably the reason why it's trying to push photos now. But is it a case of too little, too late?

Most people who are only into sharing photos are already doing it on Instagram while some people find album settings on Facebook more appealing. Facebook's offering makes it easier to ensure that only a select group of people see your photos (no boss to see you holidaying on your sick day).

Still being able to display multiple photos and finally adding cropping as well as filters to your Twitter photos are good additions. But rather than a guide, Twitter might be better off tweaking its mobile apps to be more user-friendly especially for those who are not quite as tech-savvy.

Another thing Twitter is missing is probably a 'killer' feature, something that only Twitter can offer to its users. Besides its social network, of course. At this rate a Twitter/Vine merger could be the best thing to happen to Twitter as it combines short burst of videos with short 140-character messages.

[Source: PandoDaily]

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