Insert foot in mouth - 7 other inappropriate tweets to rival KLM’s World Cup boo-boo

Kitchen Aid

The liberal use of short forms, bringing up the taboo topic of politics, and making fun of someone’s death make this tweet an incredible train wreck. Who would have thought a little kitchen mixer was capable of such a burn.

Image: The Future Buzz

American Red Cross

What, you mean the American Red Cross is not made up perpetually smiling do-gooders? Never mind that this is hardly anyone's impression of the humanitarian organisation, it's also an incredibly bad song reference.

Image: geekosystem

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Not only did the canned workers find time to tweet about their mass firing, they also came up with a surprisingly catchy hashtag to sum up the entire experience - #hmvXFactorFiring

Image: The Guardian 

London Luton Airport

Aww, what a well-meaning tweet, you might think. Until you find out that said image was taken from a crash that took the life of a six-year-old. Now, let the horror sink in. 

Image: Express

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