Top 10 pieces of tech that were named wrongly

We list their origins and what they should've been named instead

We understand that not everyone is quite as techtastic as we are, so in case you ever have to explain any of these terms to a total noob, we’ve got you covered with the monikers they should've been given instead.


Few people know that Autocorrect was a big innovative feature of Microsoft Word version 6.0, but has since infiltrated pretty much every gadget you type on. However, its effectiveness is so questionable that it has spawned a hilarious mock site. What do you expect from a tool that “corrects” Macdonalds into macro balsa, which obviously makes zero sense?

Honest name: Autowrong; it’s self-explanatory.


Twitter started off as a nice pleasant sound, but the social networking platform has since morphed into a platform for anyone looking for 140 characters of fame. That means no one gives a crap about creating succinct impactful tweets anymore, causing Twitter to morph into a mass of empty vessels. 

Honest name: Bleater, because 140 characters are not stopping anyone from curating their content.

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In terms of temperature, there’s nothing hot about it unless you have a crowd of teenagers squeezed into a tiny cafe trying to leech off its Wi-Fi. But yes, connection is almost always spotty so that’s one bit that’s accurate at least.

Honest name: Spotty and hot, though not in the way you expected it to be.


They might sound delicious, but these cookies aren’t actually edible. Browser cookies are bits of information sent from a site to be stored in the user’s web browser when on the site. Each time that person returns, the cookie acts as a trigger for remembering previous activity. Which is weird because cookies have never exactly been brain food.

Honest name: Memory markers; okay, it's not the catchiest of names, but it makes us less hungry.

Image: Pic Chore


The trending tech topic of 2014 is a concept that’s kind of difficult to understand; there’s nothing itty bitty about it at all. It’s a type of virtual currency that has left some men rich, others broke overnight, and the rest of us really confused.

Honest name: The Internet’s impending financial crisis

Image: Daily Tech

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