Throwback Thursday: 10 more awesome cartoons you might have forgotten

The second leg of our trip down memory lane

This is it, we’re rounding up the retrospective journey we started last week, and we have to say it’s been a blast. Remember, it's not our fault if you start tearing while reading this.

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Gargoyles are supposed to be gad, right? Not these ones, who survived the extinction of their ancient race after being turned to stone, only awakening in modern times to fight evil.


Heavily armed vehicles that could transform into different modes seem to have been a popular theme back in the day. It's no surprise, given all the cool toys this series spawned.

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Pinky and the Brain

Originally a supporting bit in Animaniacs, these two lovable lab mice became so popular they got their own series, giving birth to one of the most memorable cartoon theme songs ever. And gave us something to say everytime we were bored - What do you wanna do tonight, Brain?


We’ve been surfing the Internet for over a decade, but we’ve yet to be sucked into cyberspace to become insane superheroes yet. We wish it would happen, though, given how much fun Freakazoid seemed to be having.

Darkwing Duck

Three words. Let’s. Get. Dangerous. The hilariously bumbling DW is probably still the greatest crime-fighting cartoon duck ever.

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