These old ladies’ child-like glee at flying for the first time is undeniably infectious

All together now, awww

When was the last time you had a completely brand new experience? While you try and figure that one out, allow us to facilitate you leeching off someone else’s first-time happiness.

As part of a campaign called Vodafone Firsts created by none other than Vodafone, these two old ladies were flown for the first time. The reason for their delay in getting with the times? An's afraid of flying while Ria was married to someone afraid of flying. In order to prepare for their maiden flights, Ria and An take a rollercoaster and a virtual flight (courtesy of Sony's VR headset no less) respectively. And they top our collective first-flight experiences by taking their trip in a private jet.

It’s a long video, but trust us, you’ll enjoy every moment of it. Ria's reaction to the rollercoaster alone will revive your good cheer. Bring it on, Monday.

Source: Sploid

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