5 real-life exoskeletons to take the Edge off Tomorrow

2) Panasonic/Activelink Powerloader

Speaking of Japan and the movie Aliens, the Power Loader is a development by Panasonic that directly borrows its inspiration from the powerloader of the movie. So it’s not so much a suit as it's a mini-forklift that can walk. The device’s gigantic pincer hands will be able to help its user carry a 100kg weight easily so there's no more need for expensive gym memberships anymore.

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Heavy lifting

Don’t have an extra parking lot for your power loader and too weak to heft your boxes of comics around on your own? Fret not. In the wake of the Fukushima disaster, Panasonic did a bit of redesigning to build a smaller version of its exoskeleton, called the Power Loader Lite that can easily lift loads up to 60kg. A perfect accessory to have on your wedding day when your new bride requests to be carried past the threshold in your arms and you aren’t feeling up to task. Especially if she’s developed a dangerous snacking habit at work.

One downside to this suit is that it doesn’t move particularly fast; its quickest speed being about 8km/h. It isn’t particularly dexterous as well, but it makes up for that with pure mechanical moving power. We can expect to see these loaders being used in construction and factory floors, as well as in emergency clean-up scenarios.

But with the projected price-point being US$5000 (RM16,200), don’t be surprised if your neighbours come over to your place to show off their brand new Power Loader Lites by casually lifting the couch over your head. Panasonic aims to launch their loaders in 2015.

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